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     Practicing your English!!

                Do you like the sitcom Friends? They are very funny, aren't they?
                            Watch an excerpt of an episode and fill in the gaps.

Introducing the new roommate

[Joey enters with his new roommate, Janine,  who is played by  Elle MacPherson.]
Joey: Hey everybody! Uh, I'd like you (1)______________________ Janine. She's-she's gonna be my new roommate!
Janine: Hi.
Ross: Hi! (Rushes over to shake her hand instantly.)
Janine: Hi.
Joey: Yeah, she's gonna live with me!
Monica: (2)_____________________________. Janine...?
Janine: Lecroix. Janine Lecroix
Joey: I didn't know that! Well, what a pretty (3)_________________________!
Chandler: So, uh, (4) _________________________ from?
Janine: (5) ____________________________, I just moved here a couple of weeks ago.
Joey: (shocked) From the land down under? I didn't know that either!
Ross: So uh, wha-uh, (6) _______________________________________?
Janine: I'm a dancer.
Joey: You're a dancer? She-she's a dancer!
Janine: Well, I think I'll go and unpack.
Joey: Oh, hey let me. (Opens the door for Janine and after he closes the door behind her gasps ecstatically.)
Monica: Joey, did you even interview this woman before you asked her to move in?
Joey: Of course I did.
Monica: Uh-huh, (7) ____________________________________________________?
Joey: "(8) ___________________________________________________?"
Ross: Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

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